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Generate product using the

principle that the part to be

shooted is hardened

by shooting laser beam

into the photocuring resin

In SLA, sintered by laser beam

shoot to be molded using

a functional polymer or

metal powder instead

of photocuring resin

Use the beam of the

beam project

Use lamination method by

projecting into a special

tank using a

photocuring resin


Epoxy series, ABS-like,

PP-like, acrylic-like resins

DuraForm PA,EX,GF,AF,CastForm PS

Acrylic, Epoxy, Urethane series


The precision of the roduct

is excellent, and the

strength of the material is

also excellent. Materials

favorable to vacuum mold

and spray work.

The minimum single layer

of the Z-axis is

about 0.025mm.

It is possible to manufacture

plastic parts of excellent

mechanical properties with

durability and heat resistance

suitable for actual driving test

and it is possible to

manufacture metal partsdirectly.

 The minimum single layer of

z-axis is about 0.05 mm.

High resolution,

relatively fast  laminating

speed casting, enables precise

representation according

to beam resolution


Equipment introduction

price, material cost, and

operating cost are high.

Burden of operating costs

according to consumable

laser life. Must be well

designed for support.

Equipment introduction price,

material cost and operating

cost is high and laser is

sensitive to consumables

and working environment issues

A separate stabilization

time required,

a little know-how needed in

direct casting, difficult to

manufacture a moving

part at once

and large volume causing